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How to zip a file

Zip is a file format that enables us to wrap our documents and files into a single unit. It stores files in a compressed form so one needs to unzip its content in order to use them. Zip files compress data hence saving memory and time and makes it a lot easier to transfer files through e-mail. Because of these advantages zip files are widely used nowadays. If you want to learn more about zip files you can read here.

How to zip a file ?

Zipping files is pretty simple. You just need a good software that can zip and unzip files. Some operating systems such as windows provides built in feature to do the same.
First of all lets see how to zip files in windows using the built-in feature.
  • Select files that need to be zipped or compressed.
  • RIGHT CLICK on the file and click on SEND TO > COMPRESSED(ZIPPED) FOLDER. This will create a zip file of same name as your file in the same location.

Now also see how to zip a file using software. Zipping softwares are available in almost all the popular operating systems. Listed below are some of the most common and widely used compression softwares.
  • Windows      -      7-Zip, Winzip
  • Android        -      Androzip
  • IOS                 -      Izip
While there are many zipping software almost all of them have the same procedure to zip file irrespective of the operating system. Therefore we can use the following steps to zip files in any platform.
  • Download a good zipping software and open it.
  • Select files to compress and click on ADD.
  • This will create a zip file in the same location.

Some advantages of Zip files

  • Zip file compresses data and we can store lot of files and folders under a common name. As a result data maintenance and organization becomes easier.
  • Most noteworthy you can password protect zip files and hence you can store important documents safely.
  • It makes it easier to share a group of files over internet.

How to unzip a file

To unzip a file you can use the same software that you used for zipping. Also some operating systems has inbuilt feature to unzip files.


  • In windows just RIGHT CLICK on the file and click on EXTRACT ALL.
  • If you are using software just open it, select your file and click EXTRACT.

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How to zip a file
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